Managing risk is managing opportunities — that’s our mantra, and the reason we were founded in the first place. Meticura’s philosophy is to listen to the client, bring up relevant issues that warrant consideration and then review the opportunities on a holistic basis with our client as our partner. The most important and critical portion of this philosophy is the ability to listen and develop creative solutions.

We deliver innovative solutions that address the needs of our clients and customers. No matter the size and depth of your organization, we can create solutions relevant to increasing value to you, and your customers.

Through our strategic partnership with Kale & Flax, Meticura will be able to address needs such as brand strategy and messaging, marketing, website and application portal design and development, and the design and planning of the overall member experience. This will allow your organization to remain innovative and adaptable, and generate ongoing new business opportunities by providing award winning customer experiences through customer discovery and execution.

Combined, we have four partners, and eleven full-time equivalent personnel. Our staff includes three credentialed healthcare actuaries, three designers and technologists, one project manager, one engineer/researcher, and various data scientists and software developers.

Meticura’s credentialed actuaries have:

• Serviced seven total risk pools
• Launched five separate product lines
• Set reserves for millions of members
• Filed (approved) over 300 products with DOI’s & filed CMS bids for 3 years
• Negotiated and priced provider contracts